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Everyday Obedience

Södermalm, Värmdö & Vinterviken

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  • Dog meetings

  • Leash

  • Recall with disturbances

  • Stimulation

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  • Nose stimulation

  • Reward developement 

  • Skvallerträning

  • External disturbances

  • External rewards

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  • Course 4 x 1 h 

  • Price 2000 kr

  • Everyone in the family are welcome

  • Clothes after weather

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  • H-marked

  • Positive learning

  • Educated instructors

  • Reward, confirmation & reward placement



You will find them furthur down

Why should you attend Basic obedience?

Have you previously taken a puppy course or teenage dog course but feel that you need more knowledge to reach your goal together with your dog.


Many people come to an everyday obedience course when problems in everyday life have started to happen, we recommend coming before! Our courses are very much based on preventing problems that may arise.


It takes time to work on unwanted behaviors. Working with your dog for prevention or having knowledge of what to do when problems occur is invaluable, not least for the relationship.


Neither the dog nor the human is too old to learn new things. In the course, we will alternate practice and theory to dive deep into the basics we need for a pleasant and functional everyday life.


Whats is the differens between teenage dog course and everyday obedience?

The teenage dog course is suitable for those who have a dog around the age of 12 months, who is still in a process of learning. You may still be working hard on your relationship.


We can start to make demands on the adult dog that has had time to land in the basics you brought with you from a puppy course. We know that the foundations are in place and therefore need to evolve them. Then you should go the Everyday obedience course. 

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  • Water bowl and water

  • Two toys preferably on string. For example, click here Note! Not a squeaky toy Do you have a dog that has a great interest in objects? Bring two identical toys.

  • Blanket to sit on - if you will not sit down in case it's raining or too cold it is not needed.

  • Bone for the dog during the theory part. A bone to chew on or a ham-food tube (lactose-free) to lick on gets the dog down in energy if it becomes too boring to sit still. Baby food in a squeeze bag is also a good alternative. Click here

  • Good candy! It is important that the dog wants to work for its reward. Try a few different treats at home, what does your dog like best? Meatballs, chicken sausage or dried liver?

  •  A fixed leash not a flexi leash.

  • Longline - Sometimes the exercises are easier if you have free hands, simple solution is to use a longline. Also good for recall.

  • Clothes according to the weather for both dog and owner - We are outdoors no matter what the weather has to offer

  • The dogs are NOT allowed to greet each other during the course