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Södermalm, Värmdö & Vinterviken

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  • Reversed luring

  • Steadiness

  • Recall

  • Handtarget

  • Leash

  • Dog meetings

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  • Behavior chains

  • Owners impact

  • Learning

  • Stress

  • Resource defense

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  • Course 4 x 60 min

  • Price 2000 kr

  • Everyone in the family are welcome

  • Clothes after weather

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  • H-marked

  • Positive learning

  • Educated instructors

  • Reward, confirmation & reward placemeant


You will find them further down

Why should you take a teenage dog course?

The change from puppy to a young dog can be a stressful period for both dog and owner. All the basics you learned on the puppy course are no longer enough for the hormonal teenager.


A common question we get is "When is a good age for the teenage dog course?"

Do you recognize yourself in the paragraph above, we would have said that it is starting to be time.


Our fantastic teenage dogs require to take it a little bit easy and maybe not to struggle with the same basics over and over. 


In the course we will go through good exercises to teach the dog to master himself, you owners will get to know the dog's perspective to know how you can most easily avoid conflicts and take part in activation to be able to build trust and relationship with your dog. 


Could we take this course right after the puppy course?

It is of course always good to prevent and more tools is never wrong, but don't rush it with your little puppy if you still are working on the basics!


  • Water bowl and water

  • Two toys preferably on string. For example, click here Note! Not a squeaky toy Do you have a dog that has a great interest in objects? Bring two identical toys.

  • Blanket to sit on - if you will not sit down in case it's raining or too cold it is not needed.

  • Bone for the dog during the theory part. A bone to chew on or a ham-food tube (lactose-free) to lick on gets the dog down in energy if it becomes too boring to sit still. Baby food in a squeeze bag is also a good alternative. Click here

  • Good candy! It is important that the dog wants to work for its reward. Try a few different treats at home, what does your dog like best? Meatballs, chicken sausage or dried liver?

  •  A fixed leash not a flexi leash.

  • Longline - Sometimes the exercises are easier if you have free hands, simple solution is to use a longline. Also good for recall.

  • Clothes a